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Instagram scheduling – and what it means for brands

Damien PohNovember 16, 2022~ 2 mins read

If you haven’t already heard, Instagram has just released a brand new function for creators. So, buckle up ‘cause you’re in for a treat!

What’s new on Instagram?

Wait for it… an in-app scheduling tool!

This new update comes in after weeks of testing with selected users, and it’s officially available for professional accounts on the platform. With this new tool, creators can schedule Photo and Carousel posts, and Reels up to 75 days in advance — doesn’t that sound sick?

And that’s not all! Instagram has also launched “Achievements” celebrating the efforts Instagram creators have put into their Reels. 

How does the in-app scheduling work?

Looking to schedule your first Instagram Reel? Head over to “Advanced Settings”, where you can find “Schedule this post”. Select the time and date that you want the post to go live, click “Schedule” and there, you’re set!

There are three ways you can unlock various “Achievements”:

  1. Collaborate with other creators on the platform using Add Yours stickers, or collab tools 
  2. Interact with the community by making your Reels more interactive (with stickers like Polls, Quizzes, etc.)
  3. Join conversations by using trending audio or effects

How does it change the way you work?


Whether you’re a creator or working as a social media manager, you’d know all too well about third-party scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Planoly, used to schedule posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

You’d also know that these tools are not 100% foolproof and might fail you from time to time. However, you can now save time with Instagram’s latest feature. You no longer have to jump across multiple third-party tools and tabs just to schedule a single carousel post. 


That’s not the only thing you’re saving! These third-party scheduling tools do come with a price; a subscription fee. Now, with Instagram’s in-app scheduling feature, you no longer need subscription plans across multiple tools. I’m talking about $20 to $50 a month per tool, so if you’re currently subscribed to multiple, that’d be almost $100  — creators and brands rejoice!


If you own a creator account, and you aren’t scheduling your posts, now’s the time to do so. By scheduling your post, you’re able to upload real-time updates. For example, if you’re hoping to upload seasonal posts or preparing for product launches, scheduling allows you to post them at the exact date and time you want. 

Additionally, you can now work with a better schedule as it allows you to plan your content accordingly. Rushing through content and only posting whenever you’re done can lead to inconsistency in your feed. Furthermore, your posts can get lost in your follower’s feed or drowned out by the algorithms, if you have a sporadic posting schedule.  

Instagram’s newest feature makes it convenient for creators who are new to scheduling. 


Instagram’s latest tool allows you to accomplish what some of the aforementioned third-party tools can’t (like Carousel posts, location tagging, etc.). Which is bound to come in handy with the holiday season coming up. What are you waiting for? Get to scheduling!

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