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Pawjourr Reviews: Proteger Nature Enzyme Toothpaste

PawjourrJune 21, 2022~ 2 mins read

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There’s nothing more telling of poor grooming than bad oral hygiene. It rings true for humans, and even more so for your pawpals. Keeping your pets’ chompers clean and healthy ensures they have the strength to live freely and eat the food they want. With that in mind, good pawrenting means taking care of teeth and gums on the regular to prevent bacterial build-ups — which is exactly what Proteger Nature Enzyme Toothpaste brings to the table.

Proteger Technology 

To give your pets the best in oral protection, Proteger’s toothpaste is made with five naturally-occurring enzymes/protein: Amylase, Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, and Lactoferrin. These ingredients in unison provide an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory defense that can combat tooth decay.

Proteger Nature Enzyme Toothpaste also employs Pearl Powder, which contains all the vital amino acids needed to maintain a healthy furbody:

  • Helps to repair enamel in teeth
  • Rich in essential amino acids

Made for cats & dogs

“We’ve always been on the lookout for a good brand of toothpaste that Theodore would like, and we might have found it in Proteger! ? He likes the smell and seems to enjoy it when we brush his teeth during recording. ?” – Theodore_the_japanesespitz

Proteger’s highly effective formula is also non-rinse and food-grade (not to mention chicken flavoured!), so it can double as a nutritious paste for your furbaby to consume. Unlike most toothpaste for hoomans, the Nature Enzyme Toothpaste is made free of substances like Xylitol, Fluorite, Triclosan, and Tea Tree Oil that would be extremely harmful to dogs and cats.

Usage Guidelines

Why should I brush my pets’ teeth?

Proteger puts your pets’ hygiene at the center of their innovative strategies when it comes to making dental care easier for pet owners to carry out. If left unaddressed, poor dental hygiene will cause a plethora of problems, including:

  • Gum inflammation
  • Organ disease 
  • Weight and appetite loss

How often should I brush my pets’ teeth?

The best way to protect your pets’ dental health is to brush their teeth once a day or at least three times a week to remove plaque and prevent tartar from accumulating. Just apply the toothpaste onto the teeth and gums and massage it gently. If you have a feline pawpal, you can also consider just putting the toothpaste onto their paw for them to lick off!

Where can I buy Proteger Nature Enzyme Toothpaste?

Adopt the good habit of brushing your furbabies’ teeth regularly and purchase your first tube of Proteger Nature Enzyme Toothpaste from any Pet Lovers Centre outlet store. Visit Pet Lovers Centre to find a store near you, or make your purchase from their online store!

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