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Pawjourr Reviews: Top Top “Delicate Dog” Shampoo and “Pampered Pooch” Conditioner

Dear.dexterApril 18, 2022~ 4 mins read

This article was brought to you by Top Top Pet Care.

It’s no secret that our pooches are capable of self-maintenance. The occasional lick can help to clear dirt and keep their fur clean, but it’ll never be as effective as proper dog shampoo. Any pawrent would also want to make sure the hair care they use won’t strip their furbabies of their natural oils, nor will it use any chemicals that might be toxic to them.

Cue Top Top Pet Care, an up-and-coming dog care brand focused on developing all-natural products to help pets look, smell, and feel good. Designed to be the ideal bath care solution for both pets and strays, the brand works passionately to deliver quality products through its mission: “Changing lives, one bath at a time.”

When a long, exhausting week at the office left me spending less time with my boy Dexter, I decided to shower him with all my attention — a well-deserved doggie bath featuring Top Top’s shampoo and conditioner!

With Dexter, it’s hard to tell where the body ends and the fur begins.

My tiny boy runs around a lot, and his puffy hair makes him look like a giant dust bunny. ? Luckily for me, Top Top’s conditioner claims to soften hard, brittle hair. That makes it a perfect fit for dog breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Spitzs (including Poms like Dexter!), all of whom have fur that require a moderate amount of brushing and maintenance. The shampoo also touts a long-lasting fragrance that eliminates doggy odour for up to seven days. Those are bold words, considering Dexter’s current dog shampoo fragrance wears off in three to four days. ?

Let’s put that claim to the test! 

After filling up the little tub for Dexter, I started him out with Top Top’s “Delicate Dog” Shampoo ($17.90). Upon opening the bottle, I could smell a sweet and floral flavour from its key ingredient: shea butter. Shea butter is well known for its curative properties and helps to guard against heat and UV rays, something we all have to deal with in Singapore’s climate. ?

Unlike most shampoos, Top Top’s soap-free solution was much gentler on Dexter’s skin and will not wipe off all his naturally-produced oils. He was really relaxed and comfortable just having me scrub down his fur, we even had some fun with the foam! 

Scrubbing through all of Dexter’s fur is usually tough because I have to get deep into his stubborn spots in case some dirt and bacteria decide to take up residence on him. Knowing that Top Top’s shampoo is antibacterial and effective against fungal skin diseases really takes a load off my mind.

Washed off, now for the conditioner!While the shampoo focused more on its antibacterial properties, the Top Top “Pampered Pooch” Conditioner ($17.90) had a soothing fragrance and fur-softening qualities that made for a pleasant pairing! Their other key ingredient, coconut oil, not only made Dexter’s fur softer and smoother, but it also helped to remove any doggy odour he had before his bath!

My boy released all his pent-up hyperactivity in one go before I took him out of the tub.

As I wiped Dexter down, I could already feel the difference — there weren’t any tangled clumps of fur. I personally enjoyed blow-drying his fur because of the sweet aroma of Dexter’s fur. It was sweet but not overpowering, with notes of sugar almost reminiscent of caramel candy ?. Brushing him after his shower was a breeze as I didn’t have to stop my hairdryer multiple times to remove his tangles.


I’d say I’m pretty sold on Top Top’s selection. I’ve never had this little fuss brushing Dexter’s frizzy coat before. My Dexter is still puffy (I guess some things can’t beat genetics) but his softness is on a whole other level now. I am also amazed at how effective their products were; “long-lasting smell for up to a week” is no mean feat. About four days after his shower, I brought Dexter out for a doggie playdate with all our other office pawpals and he had a field day with them — running all around the office and winding up dog-tired by the end of the day. The boy took a fat nap and he was recharged by morning… and still smelled delicious!

On another point, the shampoo and conditioner were both pretty thick, so I had to water it down just a little bit so I could lather evenly without it being too concentrated.

For what it’s worth, Top Top is pretty affordable too. Most quality dog shampoos can go up to 30 or 40 dollars per bottle. Meanwhile, Top Top delivers quality results at half the price; it’s quite a steal.

What we love! ❤️

  • Soap-free
  • Strengthens and softens fur
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Mild but long-lasting fragrance
  • Removes doggy odour
  • Affordable

Important to note! ?

  • Thick consistency; can be diluted to make scrubbing easier

Note: If your furbaby has a history of allergies, or they have hyper-sensitive skin and you are unsure if they might have adverse reactions to the products, Top Top recommends doing a small patch test. Simply apply a tiny amount of shampoo to your doggo’s chest, and wait a few hours to see if there are any reactions. If all goes well, you may proceed and enjoy the aromatic bath with your furbaby.

Where to buy!

All of Top Top’s products are meticulously manufactured in Singapore and go through multiple stringent tests to ensure quality that meets and exceeds industry standards.

Visit to make your first purchase and checkout with the promo code “TTXPJ20” to scrub 20% off your bill! One-time only and limited to a minimum spending of $30!

Follow them on Instagram @toptop_care for more updates and new product launches.

This article was brought to you by Top Top Pet Care

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