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Pawjourr’s Creators: Allthatauss

Damien PohOctober 12, 2022~ 2 mins read

Have you ever come across a mother-daughter pawdel duo? Uncommon, but not a rare sight. Let me introduce you to Scarlett and Penne!

The AUSSventures begins

Scarlett is a two and a half years old Red Merle Mini American Shepherd, also known as Mini Aussie. Penne, a Red Tri Mini American Shepherd, is her four-month-old daughter.

Their story began in May when Scarlett gave birth to a litter of eight puppies*; four boys and four girls. The entire litter of puppies was named after Pasta noodles — voted via Instagram polls — with Penne being the second pup to enter the world!

*Check out their Instagram Stories to watch Scarlett’s entire pregnancy journey.

The litter has since gone their separate ways, renamed, and taken into different families. However, the puppies would appear on their social media now and then for a mini-reunion, staying connected forever!

Zeus (left) spending time with his mom, Scarlett (right)

Thrill-seeking Aussies

Miniature Shepherds are active and athletic, and our two Aussies are no exception! Scarlett is the master of tricks — knowing 10 — Penne, on the other hand, is still a work in progress. But one day she will know just as many as her mom!

Their parents love making reels of all the crazy things they do, especially documenting all the AUSSventures they partake in on Instagram and TikTok. They can be frequently spotted taking boat rides, swimming, hiking, and playing tug of war with each other — what an adventure!

Scarlett becomes a #PawjourrPetCreator 

It’s a dog life

Our favorite Aussies appeared in many campaigns this year, which allows their hooman to put their skills to the test.

Since joining Pawjourr as a pet creator, Scarlett has been a part of two campaigns. As Scarlett tends to get anxious easily, it only makes sense that our creators worked with Finn and Tailspring. Scarlett has benefited a lot from Finn supplements and Tailspring goat milk toppers, these calming aids have helped Scarlett in more than one way; these calming aids do not just soothe Scarlett, they also serve as nutritious treats!

Daughter Penne was featured in her first campaign this past August – yay! Unlike her mom Scarlett, Penne isn’t suitable for all the campaigns available. However, Aroma Paws pet shampoo is perfect for young pups like her. This is because their coats are softer and more delicate, which requires more care.

Scarlett and Penne hoping to join their hoomans in Italy

Versatile creators 

The brands that Scarlett and Penne have worked with this year all share one thing in common: pet wellness and health.

Our creators do not just share the action-packed adventures they take on. They also use their experience and exposure to good use, showcasing brands that aim to improve the lives of pets.

As doggos of different ages, Scarlett and Penne would require different products that meet their different needs. This would come in handy as it allows our creators to showcase a variety of products to target a wide range of audiences — the perfect fit if you’re looking for creators that are versatile. 

Want to connect with creators like Scarlett and Penne? Reach out via now!

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.


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