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Pawjourr’s Spotlight: Vet.lo.robinson

Damien PohJanuary 13, 2023~ 2 mins read

Starting the new year with another addition to our Pawjourr Spotlight series, where we highlight unique creators and the jobs they have taken on to showcase our pool of talents and how they work with brands. 

Introducing… Dr. Laura

Growing up in sunny SoCal, Dr. Laura experienced firsthand the different ways people view animals based on their cultural differences. She believes that as an animal health care professional, one’s utmost duty is to be an advocate for the safety and well-being of all pets. Especially improving the quality of life for all animals.

After graduating from the Western University of Health Sciences, Dr. Laura went on to work at Pawp, as a lead veterinarian. She served as an advisor and consultant to their network of pet owners – sounds exciting if you ask me!

Dr. Laura is also very passionate about pet food and nutrition and has worked with various brands as a consultant, along with crafting recipes for different clients.

Dr. Laura, like the rest of us, love warm hugs

“Vet Lo where the pets go”

Similarly, with Pawjourr, Dr. Laura serves as a veterinarian advisor and consultant. 

In 2022, Animal Ortho Care wanted to work with vets through Pawjourr to promote their bracing products. We engaged Dr Laura who is an active content creator and practicing vet to take part in this campaign. 

Dr. Laura worked with her patients to understand their conditions and customized Animal Ortho Care bracing products to suit their needs. Having personally tested the bracing products on her patients, she saw how it has helped them, giving them a stamp of approval for medical products like the Haute Wheels Dog Wheelchair and Lil’ Back Bracer

She further shared video testimonials on her social accounts and provided testimonials to be used on the brand’s website. 

Besides testing medical products, Dr. Laura tested out pet tech gadgets too. For example, the Eufy pet camera allows you to keep an eye on your pet while you’re not home. According to Dr. Laura’s review, the device is perfect for pets with separation anxiety, as it allows you to feed treats and talk to them through the Eufy app. 

Benefits of working with vets

We previously shared about the benefits of customer reviews and how it has the power to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. And what if I told you that a product review by an expert goes an even longer way!

A partnership between an accredited vet and a brand provides credibility and social proof for a product or service. Vets are considered experts in their field and their endorsement of a product or service can help to increase consumer trust and confidence in that product or service. 

Additionally, when a product or service is recommended by a trusted professional, it helps to increase the perceived value of the product or service, which can potentially lead to increased sales.

The advantages of getting an expert opinion are endless! These experts tend to have a greater understanding and experience of the matter, which makes their opinion much more legitimate in the eye of a consumer. In this case, Dr. Laura was able to showcase the effectiveness of certain products and share them with her loyal audience.

If you’re a brand looking to work with vets, Dr. Laura is one of our best picks! Reach out to us at , and we’ll connect you with the right expert..

* This blog is designed to be a community where pet owners can learn and share. The views expressed in each post are the opinion of the author and not necessarily endorsed by Pawjourr. Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice.


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