Pawjourr’s Spotlight: Vet.lo.robinsonPawjourr’s Spotlight: Vet.lo.robinson

Pawjourr’s Spotlight: Vet.lo.robinson

Damien PohJanuary 13, 2023

Read all about Dr. Laura and her mission to be an advocate in improving the lives of all animals!

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Brands pup-proved by Milky (Part 1)Brands pup-proved by Milky (Part 1)

Brands pup-proved by Milky (Part 1)

Jane PehDecember 04, 2020

Who is guilty of buying a tad too much when it comes to their furkids? Definitely me ?

I love to shop for Milky, but sometimes it seems to me that there are only that few vendors whom I can buy stuff for him – mainly those who enjoy high visibility on Instagram. I always wondered if there’s a way for us to dig the hidden gems (amongst the many, many on Instagram).

So here are some of the hidden gems I’ve unearthed through my times on Instagram (I will try notttt to mention the well-known ones), and just in time for Christmas! ?

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Grooming Essentials for DogsGrooming Essentials for Dogs

Grooming Essentials for Dogs

kikithempNovember 26, 2020

Grooming is essential for all pets actually, but more so for our doggos. These fluffballs became dirtballs after their daily walks or play. It can be frustrating trying to keep them clean each time.

Every day since I started the Instagram journey of @kikithemp in end June, many people had asked me about grooming items as I’ve been grooming Kiki by myself for a while.

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Finding the “best” cat litterFinding the “best” cat litter

Finding the “best” cat litter

_meowtalesOctober 15, 2020

Many parents would ask which cat litter is the best. It is hard to tell which is the best as each and every household is different and everyone also views things differently. Cats themselves as well have different personalities while each cat parent looks for different features.

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