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The Pawfect Weekend with Your Dog

PawjourrAugust 11, 2022~ 2 mins read

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Picture this: You’ve spent the past five days waking up at sunrise, leaving your best friend at home while you travel to your office, and come home at sunset with only enough time to share an intimate dinner with them and call it a night. Friday comes around and you ask yourself, “What should I do with my dog this weekend?” Look no further, because here’s how you can make the most of your free time, and plan the pawfect weekend with your doggo.


You got a friend in you, so bring your pawpal with you! Grab your dog, grab a leash, and make some new friends at Singapore’s many parks. The Singapore Botanic Gardens come with many slopes and fields for your pawpal to roll around and nom on grass. Within the park, there’s also a long hill that faces the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, where you can have your own picnic and bask in the sense of community.

Photo by mentatdgt

Singapore’s Garden City energy also has a coastline! Take your doggo down south to Marina Barrage and let them run in the vast open plains with the sea breeze behind their tail. Chase kite tails (and dog tails) with the other pawpals and watch their eyes light up, enjoying their freedom to roam after a whole week in an apartment.


Worn out from the monotony of 21st Century Civilisation? Take a break from the city and explore the road less travelled — literally! Singapore’s many hiking trails are sure to bring you and your doggo closer to nature. Walk down The Green Corridor, an abandoned railway track full of colonial-era artefacts only visible to those with a keen eye.If your sea legs are up for the challenge, why not hit the beach and rent a kayak? Oar in hand and doggo on board, you can join kayak tours to explore Singapore’s mangroves and river biomes that host a myriad of flora and fauna. With experienced Kayak guides leading the way, you’ll be shore to have a fun time!


Retreating into the comfort of your own home might just be the best way to unwind from work. Cosy up under the covers and grab a remote, you and your doggo can binge some movies together! A home is a safe space after all, and if you aren’t using it to unwind, what are you waiting for? Spoil your furbaby even more with a home-cooked meal to munch on while watching. No matter how you look at it, they’ll get to enjoy good food AND quality time together, so it’s an absolute win.

Photo by Bethany Ferr

If you haven’t had the time to train your pupper, you could take the weekend to bond with them. Get them used to potty training and discipline, or just teach your ol’ doggo some new tricks! Paw-sitive reinforcement by rewarding good behaviour makes it easier for your pawpal to get accustomed to their new changes. Use a treat that you know they will like to get better results. For everything else, Bronco’s flavoured jerkies are a sure-fire way to capture their attention. Made with Vitamin E, inulin, and real meat, every bite delivers a burst flavour that guarantees a stronger digestive system. Present these affordable oven-cooked treats, and your pawpal will be excitedly waiting for your next instruction before you know it!

Cover Photo by Sam Lion

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