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We tried Singapore’s first gently cooked & freeze-dried dog food, here’s how it went!

Damien PohNovember 28, 2022~ 2 mins read

This article is in partnership with YoDoggo.

Say hello to Loki

This Pembroke Welsh Corgi goes by the name of Loki and is no different from his namesake. This poster child of mischief is always roaring for adventure, especially eyeing some delicious treats. 

Three-year-old Loki has been on a raw diet since maturing. Though he enjoys fresh food, there are some challenges faced, when sticking to a raw diet:

  1. Sourcing for the right ingredients
  2. Ensuring a complete and balanced meal
  3. The difficulty when it comes to handling raw food
  4. Hours spent on meal preparation each time
Photo credit: @lokithetoast

Starting the YoDoggo journey

YoDoggo began its humble journey with a mission to reimagine dog food here in Singapore. We all know the importance of choosing pet food made with premium ingredients, all for the well-being of our doggos. But these premium quality foods are typically very expensive, making the search for premium food to screeching halts.

However, with YoDoggo, you no longer have to break the bank to provide your fur kids with the best! All you have to do is fill up a form, and YoDoggo does the rest — getting high-quality food has never been easier!

Through this form, they’re able to assess the nutrients that your pet needs, based on its age, breed, size, etc. With this information, the experts at YoDoggo are able to recommend the perfect plan for your fur kid. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Benefits of choosing YoDoggo


YoDoggo’s gently cooked, freeze-dried fresh food is formulated with your dogs’ well-being in mind. Simply feed your doggos the meals just as it is, and enjoy its benefits — the same nutrients as fresh food, just without the hassle and mess!

Additionally, YoDoggo’s meals are developed based on the dog’s ancestral diets, which contain high levels of proteins, balanced fats, and low carbohydrates. All recipes have 90% fresh human-grade ingredients!


With their mission to provide easier access to premium quality food, their food packs are portable in all occasions. Especially since their food packs mustn’t always be frozen! You can even bring it outdoors while going on a hike, or chasing some ocean waves with your fur pal.


Subscribe to one of their many plans and you’ll receive monthly meals delivered directly to your doorstep. So you no longer have to stock up which compromises the freshness and quality of your pet’s food.

Final thoughts

Loki really enjoyed YoDoggo’s gently cooked, freeze-dried food packs — devouring them in a matter of seconds. Hence, we’d usually serve it in a slow-feed bowl, to prevent Loki from eating it too quickly and throwing up afterward.

The convenience YoDoggo food packs bring is endless! Now you can save time on meal prep, while your fur kids enjoy tasty, nutritious food, anytime and anywhere.

A treat just for you

Always wanted to get started on your YoDoggo journey? Now’s the time as YoDoggo has a surprise for you!

They are giving away a 30-day food pack to ONE lucky winner, part of their giveaway till 2 December 2022. Head over to our Instagram for more information!

But wait there’s more! Before you go and participate in the exclusive giveaway, YoDoggo is also having a promotion; 10% off  for first month new users! So what are you waiting for? Start your YoDoggo journey today.

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