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10 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

PawjourrJanuary 07, 2022~ 3 mins read

With our guides on making the most out of Instagram complete, we have shortlisted accounts that we feel make the cut for content creation. These pawpals serve a particular type of content, and they do it well enough that you can take inspiration from them for your own pawpal! From paw vloggers to fashion pawdels, stay-home cats to outdoor doggos, here are 10 Instagram accounts you should be following.

1. spongecake_thescottishfold

What do Sponge Cake, Mocha, and Donut have in common? No, they’re not confectionery, they’re cats! @spongecake_thescottishfold follows Sponge Cake and his two siblings as they travel around the world in their hooman’s arms. In between photos of the felines posing in their new ribbons, they also upload very wholesome Instagram videos of them walking down the bustling streets.

2. tuckerbudzyn

Pet parenting is a topic that all pawrents can relate to. @tuckerbudzyn is a Golden Retriever who wears his heart on his hekkin sleeve for his pawrent (or momager as they would call it) to share with the world. Now with a new son @toddbudzyn, Tucker has to show his journey as a pawrent too!

3. goodboyhuds

@goodboyhuds’ curated Instagram feed invites users to a snow-white landscape made possible by the light tones in his props, furniture, and even his environment. With all the elements out of the way, Hudson’s bronze coat holds your attention, putting the pup centre-stage.

4. _missygigi_

Gigi and her hooman chronicle their daily lives in their detailed photo journal, @_missygigi_. In perhaps an intentional design choice, Gigi’s photos are made dimmer and given the vignette finish to emphasise the memory embedded between the lines of each post caption.

5. myyzephyr

True to his name, Zephyr’s (@myyzephyr) feed shows the doggo having the time of his life with the wind blowing through his fur. While Zephyr’s photos are varied in styles, one thing’s constant — his hooman knows how to catch him at his best angles!

6. polar.woof

Polaris (@polar.woof) guides his followers around the great outdoors in his many adventures on his Instagram. Every photo transports you to another environment with the Samoyed’s sense of wonder pulling you into the thick of it all.

7. didi_the_fluffy_cat

Nothing says ‘classy’ like a furfriend who knows how to dress. Didi (@didi_the_fluffy_cat) fills her feed with OOTDs and costumes. With a wide range of outfits and a swagger to match, Didi shows her viewers who coolest cat on the block really is.

8. kyubi.ninetales

Fall in love with the magic of preparation and creativity when you look through Kyubi’s (@kyubi.ninetales) photos. Kyubi’s hooman takes photo shoots to the next level by making thematic photos out of various props and costumes, even making their own props like ribbons out of lottery tickets.

9. freyastormbreaker

Freya and Burger (@freyastormbreaker) are two tiny guardians with big hearts. The captions in their posts reveal a beautiful narrative (as interpreted by their hooman) and give their followers a peek into what makes these two puppers tick.

10. fuzziepals_

Two paws are better than one; double the trouble and still just as fun. Rigel and Gale (@fuzziepals_) play to their hearts’ content and cuddle with their hooman all day. Their open affection for each other can warm anyone’s heart on a cold day.

Feeling the spark yet?

Once you’ve ironed out the content that works best for your pawpal, get to creating! One day, you’ll be featured as a recommended Pawpal to follow on Instagram too!

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Cover photo by @kyubi.ninetails

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